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The CLASSIC 30 is the flagship model of our newest AUDIO PHYSIC CLASSIC loudspeaker line and is not only the largest, but also the most innovative model in this family. Users of our CLASSIC 30 loudspeaker can make the most of both basic AUDIO PHYSIC technologies from our top-line models and new groundbreaking innovations such as its bass unit, which is integrated into the loudspeaker cabinet and therefore cannot be seen from the outside. These new features enable the CLASSIC 30 to achieve new previously unattainable benchmarks that even put it in a category outside of its price range. Some of these new innovations have already enabled the CLASSIC 30’s siblings, the CLASSIC 10 and CLASSIC 20, to achieve impressive success in specialist publications both in Germany and on an international level. 

Classic 30 (non-gloss)

  • Height 1055 mm / 41.5" Width 170 mm / 6.7" Depth 410 mm / 16.1" Required Space Width x Depth 210x470 mm / 8.3x18.5" Weight ~ 27 kg / 33 kg Recommended amplifier power 25-180 W Impedance 4 Ohm Frequency range 31 Hz - 30 kHz Sensitivity 89 dB
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