It all started as a hobby for Max in the early 90s when it was the era of Laser Disc and Compact Disc. One who is internet savvy and often browse Malaysia forums would have come across the name 'htkaki'. The level of enthusiasm has driven Max to find the best ways to maximize a home theater system, sharing the hobby and made friends throughout Malaysia via forums and gatherings. In 2009, Maxx Audio Visual (MAV) is established and quickly made its name in the audio world. 


​Just a mere mention of htkaki or MAV, one would quickly associate it with home theater. For the record, we are not bass freaks or bass nuts. We want customers to get the best out of their home theater systems. How it could bring enjoyment, excitement, the sheer bass waves that hit you, rumbles your sofa, the feeling of being in the movie especially with current lossless audio formats in Blu-ray or 4K UHD. For that, quality subwoofer and audio components play important roles in movie watching. That brings us to SVS (in 2009), the renowned US company which specializes in manufacturing extremely well built subwoofers at unbeatable value. In 2017, MAV became the distributor for Emotiva, bringing even more affordable audio components to fellow enthusiasts. In the same year, MAV expanded by becoming the distributor for KECES Audio. KECES manufactures a broad range of products from power conditioners to amplifiers. All in all, MAV is the one stop home audio showroom for you. In 2021, we became the distributor for JL Audio home products. JL Audio is an established brand in producing one of the finest audio products in the industry. 

Well, one would think that we solely sell subwoofers. Not quite, really. To make a point that MAV is not merely a 'home theater' shop, MAV showcased stereo system for 2 consecutive years at Kuala Lumpur International Audio Visual Show in 2011 and 2012. It won praises from many as well as being voted as the best real world system in 2011 and best entry level system in 2012 by the popular Hi-Fi Unlimited. Not just an achievement but important milestones for a company at its infancy stage.


​We share our experience and knowledge. We often have hi-fi gatherings for music lovers and audiophiles to share this wonderful hobby. We believe that we can gain more experience and ideas through these sessions as we get to enjoy different audio equipment. 


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