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The K700 is a reference level monitor which delivers highly accurate sound with its massive headroom and dynamic range. It comes with eight-driver line array drivers and a a more conventional design while retaining the flagship performance.


There is a switch on the rear panel that provides flexibility in terms of narrow or wide sound dispersion. This allows the K700 to be used in both recording studios which requires a more focused sound while the wide dispersion is preferred for home theater which has multiple seats. 


K700 has four 27mm low vibration tweeters, one 27mm pro tube tweeter and three 5.25" high sensitivity midrange drivers.

K700 LCR Speakers (per unit)

  • High Frequency units

    5x 27mm
    Midrange units 3x 5.25"
    Finishes Matte Black

    Cabinet Design

    Frequency Response 60Hz-30kHz (±2dB)
    Sensitivity 90dB
    Impedance 4 ohm
    Recommended Amplifier Output 25-400W
    Dimension (W x H x D) 267 x 491 x 200mm 
    Weight 12.65 kg


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