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The KS700 is the matching surround speakers for the K700 and K700-PRO models.


KS700 radiates sound three-way through a 180-degree arrangement tripole design invented by Ken Kriesel. It produces an excellent ambient effects and realistic rear presentation and perfect for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound.


3 modes available: TriFx™(3D Tripole Sound), Dipole(sound from the side only), and Direct Radiator(sound from the front only). Selection can done by inserting or removing a jumper on the back of the speaker. TriFX™ mode is recommened to obtain the broadest possible surround listening sweet spot with pinpoint location accuracy.


KS700 has two 27mm low vibration tweeters, one 27mm pro tube tweeter, two 5.25" high sensitivity midrange drivers on the front, and two 3" full-range drivers on the side.

KS700 3D Surround Speakers (per unit)

  • High Frequency units

    2x 27mm
    Midrange + Side Firing units 3x 5.25" + 2x 3"
    Finishes Matte Black

    Cabinet Design

    Frequency Response 65Hz-30kHz (±2dB)
    Sensitivity 89dB
    Impedance 4 ohm
    Recommended Amplifier Output 25-300W
    Dimension (W x H x D) 309 x 333 x 160mm
    Weight 8.76 kg


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