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Our new XPA Gen3 amplifiers aren't just about power and impact. Behind the massive power supplies are audiophile-grade amplifier modules, built using premium components. We use the finest materials and the latest technologies to bring you world-class products. They are carefully engineered and designed to work together as stunningly capable, reliable, and refined systems. We listened both to you, and our gear, and we like what we hear.

Designed, Assembled, and Tested in the U.S.A.

XPA Gen 3 - 2 channel

  • Power Per Channel  300 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms
    Damping Factor (8 Ohm load) > 500
    Input Connections Unbalanced (RCA); balanced (XLR); one each per channel, independently selectable
    Dimensions 17” wide x 8” high x 19” deep (unboxed; including feet)
    Weight Weight



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